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Why not treat your loved one to a sewing machine for that special Valentine Gift. 

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Singerdiscount at the knitting and sewing show at Harrogate

As Christmas fast approaches come and meet Roger and the team at the ever popular Harrogate event. Visit us on the stand to get a first look at the new models and see them in action, regular demonstrations throughout the day and special introductory prices for the duration of

Make it for Christmas

Order before noon on Friday 14th December and we'll still get your Singer Sewing Machine to you for Christmas day. If friends or family have  never had a sewing machine before or they have one so old it runs on steam, rest

Singer Tradition 2259 Sewing Machine Singer Tradition 2259 Sewing Machine
Bought this machine for my daughter's birthday. She is absolutely delighted with
Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine
Top tip for this year, get yerself a sewing machine and join the eco revolution.
Singer 7463 Confidence Sewing Machine Singer 7463 Confidence Sewing Machine
Loving my new machine, it's the basic model but it does for my needs. You get wh

Singer Futura error messages

What do "thread break", "flashing lights", "beeping sound", or "88" error messages mean on a Singer Futura embroidery machine?

There are several reasons for the "88" error message error but following the checklist below should help you eliminate them fairly easily.

1) Check that the embroidery foot is connected properly such that it allows the needle bar to reset to center. Remove and reattach the foot the foot to ensure it is not obstructing the needle bar.

2) Confirm that the embroidery hoop is not connected to the machine during the initial power up of the machine. This would prevent the embroidery unit from auto calibrating.

4) These errors can also signify that the upper tension path is not threaded correctly. Ensure the transparent thread path located at the top of the machine is threaded correctly. Run through these steps or watch the video below.

  • Hold thread in both hands and slip under transparent thread guide.
  • While holding the thread securely, pull the thread towards you and then slip it back and forth like you were flossing.
  • You should hear or feel two clicks as the thread slips past the thread guides.


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