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Why not treat your loved one to a sewing machine for that special Valentine Gift. 

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Singerdiscount at the knitting and sewing show at Harrogate

As Christmas fast approaches come and meet Roger and the team at the ever popular Harrogate event. Visit us on the stand to get a first look at the new models and see them in action, regular demonstrations throughout the day and special introductory prices for the duration of

Make it for Christmas

Order before noon on Friday 14th December and we'll still get your Singer Sewing Machine to you for Christmas day. If friends or family have  never had a sewing machine before or they have one so old it runs on steam, rest

Singer 7463 Confidence Sewing Machine Singer 7463 Confidence Sewing Machine
Sad I know but this sewing machine is the best thing I have bought myself this y
Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine
My previous Singer machine had automatic tension adjustment and this machine is
Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine
I have used and had singer machines for over 50 years. I now make Renaissance cl

singer 1507 problems with tension

Setting the right tension on your singer sewing machine is vital to achieve a perfect stitch, If the thread gathers, loops or bunches underneath the fabric, then there is a problem with the upper threading. Likewise if the thread gathers, loops or bunches above the fabric, the problem is with the bobbin or (lower) thread.

Nesting on the underside of the fabric.

This can be caused by not threading the upper tension disks correctly. With the presser foot lever in the "up" position, and the tension set at 4, follow the threading guidelines at the top of the machine. Hold the spool of thread in your right hand and with your left hand, bring the thread down into the tension channel, round the bottom and up the other side. On modern machines as the thread comes up the opposite channel you will hear a definite click as the spring engages, and the thread slips between the tension discs. Continue to thread the machine, but wait before you thread the needle.

Before you thread the needle, test the tension disks are threaded correctly by making sure the presser foot is raised, and pull the thread. It should pull easily if not repeat the above step. When ready lower the presser foot, the thread should now feel some resistance when you pull it. There should be a significant increase in the tension of the thread. If there is no increased tension, the machine is not threaded correctly.

Bunching on top of fabric.Class 15 bobbin

This is a sign that your bobbin is either not inserted or threaded correctly  or is damaged and needs replacing. Place the bobbin in the case with the thread winding counter clockwise. The thread should be passed over the top of the bobbin and fall off to the right. Clip the thread through the notch located to the left at the bottom of the bobbin case and pull it through the tension. Pull the thread over the top of the throat plate and towards the back of the machine. (See your instruction manual for full details)

The bobbin tension is pre-set at the factory and usually never needs adjusting. However if the bobbin is threaded properly and the problem still persist, remove the bobbin case and adjust the screw on the side of the bobbin in small increments. Adjust as needed until loops disappear.

Loose threads or fibers caught in the tension discs and using the incorrect bobbins may also cause problems with sewing. The Singer 1507 uses class15 bobbin and even though other plastic bobbins may look the same, they are not. Class 66 plastic bobbins are slightly beveled or rounded; the class 15 bobbins are flat and taller.

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